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*Building a memorial is as easy as 1,2,3!

*The information you enter will be used for both your animal's memorial and for searching in the database.

*The only required field is your animal's nickname or call name and type of animal. Every other field is optional.

*The memorial is free. There is a nominal charge of $24.95 for maintaining it on the Internet forever. You will be able to review, edit and approve your memorial, before your credit card is charged. Start building your memorial now.


Select the species. If it is not a dog or cat, enter the species in other (example: parrot, ferret).
Breed or Species:
Animal's Call Name/Nickname: Required
Animal's Registered Name: Optional
Kennel/Cattery Name: Optional
Owners Last Name: Optional
Date of Birth:
Ex: 01/1993 or 01/01/1993 or 1993
Date of Death:
Ex: 01/1993 or 01/01/1993 or 1993
Memorial (optional)

You may use up to 600 letters, and it must not contain profanity, sexually explicit content, offensive material, or copyrighted works.

Upload Your Photo:
Pictures may be a maximum of 600K in JPEG/72 DPI Format. The system will resize your photo to proportionally fill the space. Photos may not contain nudity, sexually explicit content, violent or offensive material, or copyrighted images. Do not load images of other people without their permission.
If you do not upload a picture, a default image will be used. You may come back at another time to insert the picture of your pet.